Side By Side Skeleton Side By Side Skeleton Ribbed Tank Top

Ruth Carter Gravestone - The Granary, Boston 1797/8

The symbolic imagery employed in early New England gravestones is extremely graphic for a variety of reasons - at least one of which was that very few people could read and so images had to be very simple and easy to understand. What could be easier to understand than two laughing skeletons going down the side of a gravestone? The images are not typical, even for the Puritanical early Bostonians, but the symbolism is unmistakeable - the presence of skulls or skeletons were meant to convey a very negative view of Death. Death inevitable, Death triumphant, or perhaps in this instance, Death gets the last laugh, as the skeletons seem to be sharing a joke that still has them smiling after more than 300 years. Custom printed onto a 100% cotton spaghetti strap ribbed tank top, this tank has distinction and a unique quality.

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