About Us
Grave Images was founded on Friday April 13th, 1996 on Essex Street in Salem Massachusetts. The first Grave Images products were experimental photographic prints that were displayed in that now long gone establishment.

Grave Images first produced T-shirts in 1997. In the years that have followed more designs and products have been added to our line reflecting our growing curiosity about these remarkable relics. Now Grave Images can be found in such diverse places as BostonŐs Old South Meeting House, The Salem Witch Village, and have been sold to places as far away as West Java, Indonesia.

All of Grave Images designs are based on the photography of David Polito, who has been photographing professionally since 1989. He has worked as a portrait photographer, commercial photographer, a photojournalist, a documentary photographer and has won awards for his experimental work.

Grave Images strives to document and photographically record as many old gravestones and gargoyles as possible, and is devoted to helping to preserve historical burial grounds around the world. Grave Images uses photography, thereby doing no damage to any stones. In some instances, these hand carvings are all that remains of the people who used them as decorations on gravestones.

Designs used for silk screen production are modified in order to increase visual impact and fit the format of silk-screen printing. There are times when, due to vandalism or space allowed, significant changes need to be made, even in these cases the designs remain largely authentic and highly detailed.

If you have any questions or comments about Grave Images designs or want to learn more please contact us at:

Grave Images
32 Gloucester St.
Arlington, MA 02476
(781) 572-9040